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There are many moving parts to planning the Rocky Mountain Project Management Symposium. We are one of the largest PMI chapter symposiums globally, and our unique themes and emphasis on networking have made this event popular, even bringing in people outside of Denver and Colorado. Since my first Symposium in 2002, it has been an event full of collaboration, open-mindedness, strong leadership, and diversity of all kinds: age, ethnicity, industry, and gender. So, going into the planning sessions for this year’s event, I knew we had a lot to live up to.  

The collaboration among the core leadership team has been nothing but inspiring and a testament to what teams can accomplish. This year’s theme has been extremely fun to work with and let flow. It has had a mind of its own, and everyone has jumped on board with musical analogies like, optimize the rhythm of your projects and harmonize with your team. We have had lofty goals for this year’s Symposium, and I believe we have lived up to every one. 

With other chapters around the globe, it is common to gather for a day of professional development, and we do this at a much larger magnitude. Our mission for Rocky Mountain Project Management Symposium (aka PMI Mile Hi Symposium) is that it is more than just a simple professional development day; it is an opportunity to grow and flourish, in addition to some gold-standard networking opportunities.

More than a conference – it is a symphony of learning that uplifts personally and professionally.

More than a collection of talks – it is an opportunity to be harmoniously inspired and connect with your own rhythm.

More than an exhibitor hall – it will be a place to orchestrate opportunities.

More than data points and software – a unique chance to have deep, honest, in-tune conversations, even with the latest AI trends.

More than adding PDUs – it will be a time to foster lifelong career-developing memories and learnings, not to mention meeting the founder of the PMP.

Why is the Symposium going to be so amazing this year? We are packing a few big punches: 

  1. A Grammy award-winning keynote speaker, Eric Whitacre

Eric is setting the tone for the entire conference with his keynote speech, which fits perfectly with our tagline, “Lead Like a Conductor: Orchestrate Synchronized Projects.” Eric is the embodiment of Find Your Rhythm. He has literally orchestrated projects on an immense scale, bringing together thousands of singers in his virtual choirs, taking on complicated project management challenges to create something beautiful and profound. I’m confident that no matter your level of experience in project management – or life! – you will walk away inspired.

  1. Dedicated AI track of 6 sessions and a closing AI roundtable

Artificial Intelligence is the buzzword of the season for every profession. AI is bringing rapid changes and forcing us all to adapt and grow. Whether this worries or excites you, or a combination of the two, our session speakers will provide you with a wealth of knowledge and inspiration to move forward and be ahead of the curve.  

  1. Many high-quality speakers for breakout sessions and workshops

Every session is led by speakers who are outstanding in their field. You will wish you had a time-turner to be in two places at once! I’m excited to hear from every speaker, but I’m particularly grateful we get to hear from Lee Lambert, the last living founder of the PMP. We were sad to miss him at our Holiday Party, so I’m delighted he is bringing his knowledge and expertise to the Symposium. I’ll make sure Lee knows that I had to do a presentation at the holiday party in his stead. Lee is an incredible example of continually adapting and thriving through professional and personal challenges. He is just one example of the many wonderful, thought-provoking, and enlightening sessions in store for you on April 5th.     

The Symposium program is more interactive than ever. Many sessions are designed to be interactive and hands-on – like in Justin Gersey’s session, where you will literally write a song! – with the ability to ask questions, share your experience and learn from other savvy PMs.  Check out the agenda!

Here is a sneak peek of what Symposium 2024 offers:

  • 7 exhibitors, 8 sponsors, 2 of them Recruiters
  • 21 Breakout sessions, 60 minutes each 
  • 4 Workshops, 90 minutes each 
  • There are 6 sessions dedicated to AI and a closing AI roundtable with yours truly as the moderator. Oh, this will be fun!
  • 69 symposium volunteers + 12 core team volunteers + 2 MC volunteers
  • We are targeting 1,000 registered attendees

A Truly Awesome Events Leadership Team

As the Symposium Director sponsoring this year’s event, I have to say I have a fantastic team. Volunteers run everything about this event, and I have countless thank-yous to give. Here are a few shoutouts… 

Amanda Herber, Technology Specialist: She has been responsible for securing and coordinating the immense amount of technology infrastructure it takes to run an event of this size. Awesome work!

Christie Morin, Logistics Specialist: Without her, this event would not be physically possible. Christie keeps everyone logistically minded. Focused!

Jon Skeels, PMP, Registration Specialist: Jon has done a lot of heavy lifting over the last few months to help us reach our attendee goals. Busting out!

Lisa Vanderheyden, Day of Registration Coordinator: Lisa will be invaluable in helping us coordinate the registration chaos on the big day.

Bonnie Biafore, Sponsors & Exhibitors Coordinator: Bonnie is bringing fantastic sponsorship/exhibitor opportunities and elevating the entire experience for everyone attending. Sustenance!

Jim Escue, PMP, Speaker Lead: Jim has been putting in a massive amount of work over the last few months to bring us this heavy-hitting all-star line-up of fantastic speakers. Get ready to be Wow’ed!

Jill Jameson, Volunteers Coordinator: Jill makes this whole event run smoothly by bringing in and coordinating the extensive number of volunteers needed.  She did it in record time, and we have a waiting list of volunteers.  Amazing!

Kim Wendelin, Mobile App: Under Kim’s direction, the mobile app will have more functionality this year than it did previously. Sweet!

Penny Hill, PMP, Marketing specialist: Penny has been my right-hand woman and the driving force behind how spectacular the Rocky Mountain Project Management Symposium will be (the theme, keynote, vibe, marketing, and other things). I appreciate her work beyond what words can tell!  MVP!

Finally, thanks to my family for supporting me over these extra hectic few months as I’ve been serving as Symposium Director and President. I cannot wait to see everyone’s hard work come to fruition at this fantastic event.

2023 Symposium Volunteer Team

If you haven’t registered to join us, take this as a personal invitation to be inspired, earn PDUs, and enjoy a day away from the stressors of the office. Please also stop me and say hi at the event! I hope to speak with as many of you as possible and hear how you are enjoying Symposium. And hey, I hear I’m the ultimate volunteer matchmaker so ask me about opportunities to give back.

And one last thank you to my amazing core team, who have been working together, overcoming challenges, chipping in, collaborating, and handling all areas of the event—registration, technology, mobile app, speakers, marketing, sponsorship, logistics, and volunteers. I can’t say enough good about this team! This team is not only putting on this year’s fantastic event but is also setting the bar for future symposiums to be of higher quality.

Get ready to be Wow’ed! You really don’t want to miss all the good this event will bring personally and professionally. See you on April 5th!