On Stage: Empowering Expertise In Communication And Leadership

Drawing on his expertise in Project Management Offices, adept understanding of communication styles, techniques for optimizing team performance, and empathetic leadership approach, James steps onto the stage to share invaluable tools and best practices.

His knack for identifying leadership gaps, navigating misunderstandings, and fearlessly tackling complex subjects such as AI is what earns him invitations to address audiences from 10 to 1500 attendees.


Elevate Your Team’s Performance With Tailored Training

James brings his wealth of expertise directly to organizations, offering tailored training for smaller teams. With a focus on improving communications, bridging departmental gaps, and refining project management skills, he empowers teams to deliver projects punctually and within budget.

Through interactive sessions, James equips participants with the strategies and techniques needed to foster cohesion, streamline processes, and overcome obstacles effectively. His approachable style and commitment to practical solutions make him a sought-after resource for organizations seeking to elevate team performance and project outcomes.

Consulting & Coaching

Optimize Your Projects With Expert Consulting & Coaching

James’s consulting and coaching capabilities are in demand by clients seeking expert evaluation and audit of Project Management Offices (PMOs), project health assessments, and realignment strategies for projects that have veered off-course. With a keen eye for detail and a strategic mindset, James ensures the successful delivery of both domestic and international implementations.

His comprehensive coaching approach encompasses thorough analysis, precise recommendations, and hands-on guidance to optimize project performance and achieve desired outcomes. James has a track record of delivering results speaks to his ability to navigate complexities, mitigate risks, and drive tangible success for his clients across diverse projects and industries.


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What Project Managers Lose Due to Poor Communication

Good communication on teams reaps benefits, but the inverse is also true. Poor communication damages projects.

Reach out to James today to learn more about how your team can optimize communication for project success and efficiency.

While leading the international ERP program,

James built a strong relationship with the client, tackled personnel challenges, hired staff to walk through the clients’ current state and future state business processes, and implemented the new ERP system with modifications in one year. James built and staffed the majority of the PMO providing major improvements, cost reduction, and consistency.

Frank Payne, PMP

Speaker, Coach, Author

I have had the privilege of working with James for almost three years through the PMI Mile Hi Chapter.

As president of the chapter, James consistently demonstrated outstanding leadership qualities that seem to always come naturally to him. He is always available to offer guidance and support to members of the chapter. He also continues to strategically think about how to improve the chapter by listening and then implementing suggestions from others. James is a person of integrity and reliability who leads by example and shows a genuine commitment to the chapter.

Luke Dillon, PMP, CSM

Project Manager

He possesses a remarkable ability to unite and inspire his peers…

…adeptly personalizing his rich experiences to resonate deeply with his audience. Whether he is speaking at chapter events, leading conferences, or engaging in one-on-one conversations, James consistently demonstrates his prowess as a speaker, motivator, collaborator, and leader.

Amy Baccei, PMP, MA

IT Project Manager at Arapahoe County, CO

James has excellent client satisfaction, project/program management, dependability, leadership, and work ethic skills.

James was assigned to lead a process improvement group, and he developed an Office of Continuous Improvement. James recruited staffing for the office and provided leadership for the team resulting in the identification and completion of multiple improvement actions that increased the level of customer satisfaction; a key component of customer retention.

Craig Horton

Principal Consultant at K&B Global Consulting

James has become a great friend and colleague with leadership skills to be admired.

He knows how to build and mentor teams while collaborating with board level and membership resources building relationships along the way. James has excellent work ethics and relationship building skills in addition to very solid process improvement, leadership, collaboration and program management skills.

Amy Bremner, PMP, CSM, SSM

Software Engineer at The Home Depot

“Networking creates magic! Networking has many benefits: opportunities for relationships, friendship, mentoring, learning, fun, and helping others. There are unlimited possibilities. In one instance, I introduced my mentee, who was looking for a job, to another volunteer whose company was hiring and offered to be a reference. My mentee got the job and doubled her salary. Magic like that doesn’t always happen, but it definitely won’t if you don’t put yourself out there and network!” – James

Listen to Expert Insight from James

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